about me

I am a photographer

with love for domesticated nature

I have always been fascinated by the impact of humans on nature. As a child I spend days in the chicken house of my father. We could listen for hours to the clucking of chickens. We did that to hear whether the poultry was doing well or experienced stress.
It was amazing to see that it is possible by just changing the light in the barn, the chickens felt better.

I became a filmmaker in 2000 and left my career as a proud farmer behind. Gradually trained and experiencing, I became a self-taught, specialized film producer for the food and agricultural sector.

At the start of this career I had to practice skills as a filmmaker. To learn how to get better compositions, I started shooting pictures. I got to work for various publishers of agricultural journals. Soon after that my photos were used by all sorts of companies in the food and agribusiness. During this time my love for photography grew and more and more personal work is being developed. Besides being a filmmaker, I am a member of DuPho (Dutch photographers), the organization for professional photographers.

My own work is made public by participating in art fairs and exhibitions.
These works often emerge in my head as a filmmaker, even before it is made. The result is an image that combines several elements to tell my story. Sometimes the light and composition are so powerful that editing is not required. However, in every picture you find my admiration for living things and the impact that humanity has on it.